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Saturday, October 24, 2015

From Linda Kunsman--Her First Oil/Cold Wax Piece

Linda Kunsman, stellar artist and experimenter, let me know she just completed her first oil and cold wax painting after reading my new book!

Lavender Fields  Oil/CW on Board  6" x 6"

On her blog, Linda shows us two details of the heavy texture she used.


Thank you, Linda,for sharing your work and process!! Find your way to Linda's blog for more inspiration!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Quick Question and Answer, and On To Oil/CW Part III

Student Work on Arches Oil Paper

The last installment of pieces created by my oil and cold wax class at the recent Art and Soul Retreat at Virginia Beach. First, a quick question I received today from one of my students there, and my answer.

Q. My pieces are pretty dry now. What is the final coat of clear cold wax for? Do I frame with glass?

A. The final clear coat is optional but I do it and so do most cold wax artists because:

1. It seals the surface, protecting the piece from dust and dirt
2. It gives the piece an even sheen all over
3. It looks extra pretty:) 

If you do put on the final layer of clear wax, wait a little longer. I know you've already waited a long time! But wait another couple of weeks or so. Then brush or rub a thin layer of the wax on the piece. Then wait some more while the wax throughly dries. Then buff. This makes a slight sheen, especially on the paper paintings.

If you have a piece on paper and you want the formerly taped white edge to show, just frame without glass. If you want to use glass, put a mat around the border to keep the painting from touching the glass, as oil paint doesn't like glass. If the piece is on board, don't use glass.

And now, the paintings! A long post, but if you are interested in oil/cold wax, you'll be inspired. I know I am!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

OIl/Cold Wax Painting at Virginia Beach: Part II

Here's the second installment of pictures from "Transformations in Oil and Cold Wax", the class I taught recently at Art and Soul Retreat in VA Beach. It's hard to even begin to recognize these finished pieces from those in progress shown in the previous post!

One more post to go for this talented class at Art & Soul!